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Judge Navanethem Pillay


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Judge Navanethem Pillay was born in 1941 in South Africa. From 1976 to 1995, she was senior partner of a law firm. Judge Pillay was the first black lady Attorney to be appointed acting judge of the Supreme Court of South Africa, and was a lecturer at Natal University (Department of Public Law, 1980). Judge Pillay is a trustee of Lawyers for Human Rights, and was a Trustee of The Legal Resources Centre; member of Women's National Coalition; Black Lawyers Association and Vice President of the Council of University of Durban Westville by appointment of former President Nelson Mandela. Judge Pillay was elected judge of the ICTR in May 1995 and President of the Tribunal in June 1999 through May 2003.
Since September 2008, she is the new United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, after serving a six-year term as judge at the International Criminal Court.