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Biographical note on Judge Laïty Kama


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AboutBiographical note on Judge Laïty Kama
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Judge Laïty Kama was born in 1939 in Dakar where he began his career in the legal profession. He successively held the following positions: Examining Magistrate in Diourbel (1969-1973); Deputy Public Prosecutor in Dakar (1973-1974) and Public Prosecutor in Thiès (1974-1978).

Judge Kama subsequently served as Advocate-General at the Dakar Court of Appeal and at the Assizes Court for 15 years. In 1992, he was appointed Principal Advocate-General at the Cour de Cassation. He participated in the creation of the Senegalese National School of Administration and Magistracy where he subsequently taught for twenty years. As an expert, he represented Africa in the Working Group of the United Nations Human Rights Commission on Arbitrary Detention. He also chaired the committee charged with drafting the new Penal Code of Benin. From 1983 to1990, he was a member of the Senegalese Delegation to the Human Rights Commission in Geneva and also served on the Executive Council of the International Criminal Law Association from 1989 to 2001. He sat on the International Advisory Board to the International Human Rights Education and Monitoring Training Program at Hamline University in the United States.

Judge Laïty Kama was the first President of ICTR (1995-1999). He died in Nairobi on the 6th of May 2001.